Hot Dogs or Ground Beef…….. Look for “100% Grass-Fed” on the label

Look for  “100% Grass-Fed”  on the label  There is an increasing awareness of the benefits of 100% grass-fed beef.  It’s good for you, the environment and the animals.  However, with that awareness comes some misinformation, albeit intentional or not (we use the term “greenwashing. ”).   Just because a supplier claims to be grass-fed doesn’t necessarily mean that it hasn’t been ... Read More »

2 Minute / $3 Pastured omelet

A short “How to” video demonstrating how to make a 2 Minute / $3 Pastured (1) egg omelete using 100% grass-fed seasoned ground beef Read More »

100% Grass Fed Beef supplier in North Carolina

Harris Robinette Farm (Pinetops, North Carolina) Harris Robinette Farm (formerly Harris Acres Farm) strives to raise top-quality, naturally grown beef that is healthy and affordable.   Read More »

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