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Hot Dogs or Ground Beef…….. Look for “100% Grass-Fed” on the label

Look for  “100% Grass-Fed”  on the label

 There is an increasing awareness of the benefits of 100% grass-fed beef.  It’s good for you, the environment and the animals.  However, with that awareness comes some misinformation, albeit intentional or not (we use the term “greenwashing. ”).   Just because a supplier claims to be grass-fed doesn’t necessarily mean that it hasn’t been corn or grain finished.  The same applies to the statement that the beef is 100% natural.  Applegate Farms offers both Natural and 100% Grass-Fed hot dogs.  Don’t know why, but they do.  To us it’s the difference between using kerosene or high quality petro in a high-performance vehicle.  Both will combust but the high quality fuel will keep the engine running in top form with the least amount of repairs.  (Who doesn’t love a good car metaphor?)

As usual TRD did our due diligence and researched all the suppliers mentioned in a recent article at Yahoo, talking about healthy hot dogs. http://health.yahoo.net/articles/nutrition/photos/healthy-hotdogs-grill-summer#1

What we found was, that all of the vendors listed, they all had 100% grass-fed beef hot dogs with the exception of Organic Prairie and .  Organic Prairie was very honest in stating that some of their farmers did not raise their cattle entirely on grass with out the use of grains (corn).  It was their belief that the public demands the flavor and fattiness that grain finishing provides.  There may be a difference in opinion as to the flavor of grass-fed vs. corn fed but we don’t believe there is any dispute when it comes to the nutritional profile of the two.  Grass-fed is head and shoulders above corn fed beef.  We also appreciated “Lets Be Frank” hot dogs being forthcoming in telling us they use a supplier that feeds a very limited amount of grains as a supplement for nutrition during the dry seasons.

As far as flavor, that tends to be somewhat regional.  People In New York go for a little different flavor profile than those of us in the mid west.  Being just “A couple of Regular Guys” from Chicago, we found we like the flavor of Tallgrass Beef www.tallgrassbeef.com  not to mention we’re just big fans of the work Bill Kurtis has done with his Tallgrass Beef Company to advance the cause and understanding of the benefits of beef being 100% grass-fed and finished.

But as always, we advise our readers, do some research on their own, it’ your health on the line here. Contact the ranchers and suppliers and ask some questions.  Or if you have some questions we can help you with, feel free to contact us.  We’ll do our best to help you.

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