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The Rational Diet is an invitation, not a lecture. It is an invitation to a better way of eating, and therefore a better life. “Eating well” is not a sacrifice. The founders of The Rational Diet are not into self-denial. Quite the contrary. Every meal has become a celebration of food and life. Shopping for food is fun again. Our website and YouTube channel are an open invitation to this party. Recipes are “rational” because the selected ingredients inherently trust nature. The ingredients are mostly organic and sourced as locally as possible. The entire meal plan is rational because it is built around species appropriate diets for both humans and livestock. We think it’s a myth that eating well has to be too expensive, too time consuming, and not very enjoyable. Read on, click through, and find out for yourself.

About Dale and John:

Dale Eisenberg

  • Restaurateur, Entrepreneur
  • Owned and Operated The Original Pancake House Franchise for 38 years in Toledo, Ohio,  Chicago, Il., Lagrange Park Il., Oak Park, Il.
  • Currently owns and operates The Original Pancake House located in Park Ridge, Il. for 34 years.
  • Developed, owns and operates with business partner Mike Ventre 2Toots Train Whistle Grill Franchise.  A family friendly, train theme restaurant using Lionel trains to deliver 100% grass-fed hamburgers and hot dogs.


 John Emrich

  • Board of Managers, Iroquois Valley Farms.
  • Twenty years of investment management and corporate finance experience.
  • Author, “The Local Yolk: Beer, Backyard Chickens, and the Business of Building a Sustainable Food System.”  Due out 2014 from University of Iowa Press.
  • Founder, Backyard Chicken Run & Chicago Pet Direct.



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